Setup Payment Sharing by Legal Entities

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Jowi allows you to divide the payment for legal entities in one account. For example, if one organization is engaged in alcohol, and another is engaged in other dishes. To do this, you need to perform several steps:

1. Include dividing by legal entities

2. Add legal entities

3. Setup the dishes

4. Link a fiscal printer to a legal entity

After that, when paying, you can divide payment methods by legal entities and transfer dishes from one legal entity to another. Sales data for various legal entities will be reflected in the sales report.

Access rights

For dividing by legal entities, you need the "Write" right in the "Settings" section.

1 step. Enclude sharing

1. On the "Settings" tab, select Laboratory.

2. In the window that opens, turn on the "Division by legal persons" option.

Reload the page for the changes to take effect.

2 step. Add Legal Person

1. On the "Settings" tab, select "Legal Person".

2. Click "Add", to specify legal entities for further dividing.

3. Indicate the name of legal entity, his TIN and click "Create".

Adjusted legal entities can be deleted or changed.

3 step. Dish Setting

1. On the "Items" tab select "Items".

2. Open the dish card.

3. Select a legal entity. You can also specify the article number of the dish. Save the changes.

The menu is set. Now, when printing account, dishes will be divided by legal entities.

4 step. Link of a fiscal printer to legal entity

1. Open the local Waiter module. Go to the "Settings" section and select "Printers".

2. Select a fiscal printer from the list in the right field and click "Printer Settings".

3. Click on the line "Legal person" and select a legal entity from the list. Save the changes.

4. Specify a legal entity for each fiscal printer and save the settings.

Now, when printing checks, they will be printed on different fiscal printers, depending on the specified settings.

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