Universal ArtSoft Driver Setup

To work with some fiscal printers required installation of Artsoft universal driver.

The list of supported models can be found on the official website of the developer.

Access rights

To setup a fiscal printer, you need the right to edit printers.

Step 1 – driver installation

Buy the driver on the official site of ArtSoft developer. Pay special attention to the conditions of the order.

Step 2 – fiscal printer connection

Connect fiscal printer to the computer by following the instructions

Step 3 – fiscal printer setup

Follow the fiscal printer setup instruction. In the printer adding window, select "UniversalDriver" and select the type of connection:

  • COM port – connection via wire. Select the printer model you are using, port, and print speed.
  • TCP / IP – wireless connection. Select the printer model you are using, enter the IP address of the device and port number.

Save the settings – done! The printer is connected and ready to work.

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