Printing of QR-code on Check

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The QR code on the account can significantly expand the restaurant possibilities. By using it you can:

  • attract new clients – by using the QR code on the check, guests can download the Jowi mobile application;
  • reduce the work of the cashier – it is enough for the employee to scan the code before payment, and the necessary account will immediately open on the terminal;
  • increase the loyalty of regular guests – through the Jowi mobile application, customers will be able to pay for their orders after scanning a QR code;
  • pay accounts with third-party services.

Access rights

To control the printing of a QR code, you need the right "Write" in the "Settings" section.

In order for the QR code to be printed on the check, on the "Settings" tab, select "Settings" and click "Edit". In the window that opens, select the flag "Print Qr code".

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